Absolute Wellness Clinic
for the complete patient

Absolute Wellness Clinic is a family practice committed to providing the most complete and effective means of naturally addressing its patients overall health. Absolute Wellness Clinic's philosophy of medicine is based upon combining tried-and-true principles of naturally preventing and curing ailments with modern scientific diagnoses, treatments and technologies. Absolute Wellness Clinic treats the complete patient, considering the patient's overall physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual state of being. Absolute Wellness Clinic aspires to develop and maintain personal relationships with each and every individual patient, and, in turn, Absolute Wellness Clinic expects that every individual patient will take charge and commit their own wellbeing.

At Absolute Wellness Clinic, Lindsay A. Wais, ND, seeks to create diet and healthcare plans that are uniquely tailored to the individual patient's physiology and personal needs. Dr. Wais recognizes that no two people are alike and that no one cure or treatment is going to be the answer to every patient's ailments. She seeks to customize treatment plans to fit the individual rather than fit the individual into a treatment plan. Her focus is on prevention of conditions before they begin, and she seeks to treat the underlying causes of ailments rather than the mere symptoms of those ailments. Dr. Wais believes that the best way to treat chronic conditions is to never let those conditions develop in the first place, which requires both regular physician check-ups and patient empowerment through education.

Absolute Wellness Clinic is prepared to treat the following:

  • The youngest members of the family and the most senior
  • Individuals with blood pressure and cardiovascular conditions
  • Individuals with autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses
  • Individuals with orthopedic injuries and conditions
  • Individuals with sports and on-the-job injuries
  • Individuals with special dietary conditions
  • Women's specific health concerns
  • Individuals with diabetes
  • Many other conditions
Absolute Wellness Clinic
Lindsay A. Wais, ND    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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